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Alkaline Diets: A Complete Honest Review | What You Must Know!!

We all want that pitch perfect body goals. That superstar actor or actress body, perfectly shaped, healthy, skin glowing and whatnot. It’s a pitch body dream that the alkaline diet promises.  Alkaline diet also known as Alkaline ash diet or alkaline acid diet can help you lose weight and also “supposedly” have many added incentives such as preventing athritis (inflammation of one or more joints) and Cancer. Yeah, you heard that right, it’s “supposedly” said to prevent cancer, malignant outbursts of cancerous cells.

So according to the “science” behind this, eating specific foods that makes your body more alkaline can protect you against those conditions listed above and also help you burn some fat. All these started with the tweet from Victoria Beckham back in January 2013 about an alkaline cookbook. And ever since then, it’s only grown higher and higher and found new grounds.

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What Is The Alkaline Diet Program?

The entire foundation of the Alkaline diets are found in eating fruits, vegetables, soybeans, nuts, seeds, legumes and whatnot, as long as they’re alkaline promoting foods. 

It all sounds rosy, until you learn that there are foods you can’t eat. They include; Dairy, egg, meats, most grains, processed foods, canned or packaged foods. All these fall on the acid scale of things and are not allowed when one undertakes the Alkaline Diet regime. 

Most books that focus on Alkaline diet also say you shouldn’t take Alcohols and Caffeine either. Now to dive further into how it works, a little chemistry comes into play. pH represents the acidic or alkaline level. If the pH ranges from 0-6 then it’s called acidic, and as the number increases the acidity reduces. A pH of 7 states that the medium is neutral. While pH ranging from 8-14 are tagged Alkaline or Basic. And as the number increases, the alkalinity also increases. These levels vary throughout the body. Your blood is slightly alkaline (7.35-7.45). Your stomach is very acidic (3.5) which helps in breaking down foods. And your urine changes depending on what you eat. That’s how the body regulates the pH levels in your blood. The Alkaline diet claims to help regulate your blood levels. That is, maintain the pH level of the blood. While this has not really been proven yet, the diets associated with Alkaline diet on the other hand does have it merits as they’re healthy for the body and somewhat warrants weight loss. Avoiding sugars, processed foods, Alcohols only have one thing to gain, and that’s a really healthy lifestyle.

As to the other claims, not only is it said to help with arthritis and Cancer, it also helps prevent kidney stones based on early evidence that low acid producing diets such as meats, eggs, cheese and bread and meals high in alkaline producing diets such as vegetables could help prevent the aforementioned, and also improve brain function, heart function, keep bone and muscles strong, reduce low back pain, and lower risk of type 2 diabetes as your sugar intake would reduce. But all these haven’t been proven yet, so do take them with a grain of salt in mind.


The level of effort that accompanies Alkaline diet regime is really high as you’d be doing away with foods that you’re used to, like burgers, meats, deliciously grilled meats, eggs and whatnot. Resisting temptations garnered from these products would be really tasking hence the whole really high effort required.

On the bright side, it sure is cost friendly as you get to dwell in fruits and vegetables although it might take a while before you get familiar with these products and also use them to cook your meals.

Vegetarians would find this all too easy. So if you’re one, well, good for you.


– Due to the absence of intake of canned foods, you get to have reduced amount of sodium which helps reduce the risk of High blood pressure in the body

– Also, following the reduced intake of sugar, the chances of being subjected to type 2 diabetes are drastically reduced 

– An healthy weight also reduces the risk of osteoathritis

– According to some studies, an alkaline environment helps reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and also improves it function.


There isn’t too much under this column other than the fact that it’s involves tonsof efforts to partake in and stick to the regime as you’d be asked to stop foods that you’re well versed too and instead enter foreign territory with the alkaline diet.  But like they say, sacrifices are important when it comes to attaining success.

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While promises of weight loss and plenty added incentives without exercise are enticing,  always add a little exercise regime to your routine. The CDC and America Heart Association recommend getting at least 150 minute workout per week.

And also, the fact that it helps prevent cancer, arthritis, diabetes and whatnot are all just speculations now and have never been proven yet, so don’t just believe they’d cure your ailment by following an alkaline diet, always reach out to your doctor, they always know best. 

With all that said, eating fruits and vegetables surely isn’t a bad thing. They’d help keep you looking fresh, skin healthy, body healthy, and you’d feel great about yourself.

There are numerous books on alkaline diet, personally, I’d recommend “THE COMPLETE ALKALINE DIET FOR BEGINNERS; UNDERSTAND pH AND EAT WELL” by Paul Johnston. I’ve got only praises for the book.

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